Monday, August 17, 2015

Oh no! I think I am a what?

If you wish to know who is eating grape it is scrub-itch mite,Trombiculid mite, which wiki told me so without reading the old dusty book it came from as that stuff don't change you coward conserves for you are like Trombiculidae, from Greek τρομειν ("to tremble") and Latin culex, gen. culicis ("gnat" or "midge"),who spoke of my training on a Gant and swallowing a camel as an independent family by Henry Ellsworth Ewing in 1944 might say boo who, when mommy respond her dragon form you are so dead so what you think of that brother? Well I hope to have Jenny to grow another dimension of me, for she is in many ways already a master, but I an well trained by my mother's assassination attempts you know she all jealous of her own son blame the Gods they are all absurd. except heavenly father as proof poof first Jesus to live for how long I know not save my own ass as I have been commanded by God the father ha ha! So life I think like that? No, I do not have to go on if the people don't want me to plainly I care less to stay in some hell world people are all planning for me, and really do not tease unless you are jenny leigh only she can tease as she is able to rise the snake within the crossing paths of Mr Wando Who Art Whener Weinher is to be a wonderful life as I retired and you have a baby God, if you wish but the white hair upon my chinny chin had to be stopped and only beloved JR Botty can spare me or copper until the real symbol of beauty reveal her naughty slaying and playing baby killer who is going to get her spanking harder than ever until she grows up and learns how to fight her own fights as she seed the sun saying oh you fear the fire, and I am like No fire, no torches, no stop, and she is all good as you getting more this time and she all starts the forest fires and runs all the way home and I like their are 7,500 fire fighters all working their asses off because of you, and she is all ah only 7,500 well I guess they are worthy sacrifices and I am like can fire ever say enough I mean really this blows worse than a lady paid to blow you poorly and I mean the money is for the poorness blows given do to the case you do not really know until after you cum to look and Jesus Wept for his thing, saying H, oh no, and double oh no don't let me die like Elvis just off me now, I mean Jesus becomes Elvis later on if he don't die right? Oh no Jesus left the building and it is so hot outside I will talk about this to the sun saying stop it, and get jenny over here I will not sacrifice a soul the darkness has to do it, and she is perfect seeing that not enough ha never enough just slay slay slay here you go kitty I got some sweet Jesus wine all unpoped and everything why don't you get over her and Pop me, for they womb will know the glory of my baby self, for I am the fucker of H that bear fruit anyway, and so my mother fucking self shall fuck the mother I rode on before she wake up and eat me again by respawning, for she take a lot longer, so if I die young it happens, what some one eaten by a crocodile or hippo or wild mountain Lion Cat most have had bad karma really? You ever think shit happens or really do you want to see a  miracle as God can make one of these creatures show you what fate feels like when  you do not desire my beloved vampire woman who shall drink all your life energy down and drive you mad forever to which nothing can deflower the love her and nothing can compare to her and she look and condemn you and so doom you by giving you endless pleasure and then she depart knowing her wicked work is done having completely destroyed you with the gooey of happy slime until it fade away saying don't go oh ghostly goo of Jenny don't go, give me more of your sliminess and did weep saying none are like her sliminess except her boo who, boo who, oh no!  My eye tells me Odin tattled on me saying he stole the eye and did not even put his eye in there that prince of thieves that rogue he came like a their in the night and just toke that eye refusing to give me shit for it saying I have been poked enough there is no eye there I told you for it were dark, and then he who was sadly poked without desire to be poked on facebook even so sad and so I left me a note there being so honest and everything saying mommy will pay seeing she still legally responsible even if it all detraction and I am smiling ha ha, well it true, but Jenny is replacement as I have to leave the nest and I need her to marry me in the mormon Temple for then poof a new mom I can fuck for real instead of just you slay me so fast this time I was not even finshed nursing that time and she is all enough water boy bow and pour out the water and say I am a little tea pot short and stought and I will pour me all out upon the people and they will say ehh gross boys are made of poppy dog tails and all things mean and nasty to be behold, and I am like you are my mother don't talk like that as that is very gross, as me thinks she knows my powerful means to defeat her with my love has gotten boring and so Jenny shall even be worse than my mother after I train her to be really mean and stuff like that as humanity's new dimension of possibility called the shadow that follow you around to mess with you and behold you shall learn to fear her ways. For only he who fears women might even live to speak of the horror!

 Wells you know many will say you will never get JR's Booty as you are a snake who consume himself away before Prometheus fire that is the gift of man a women lady Goddess steal, but we hold who breaking up and I an alien cat that have kryptonite catnip for water you see, and she has that powerful super jaw and mine head is very large so much so I have two to double heads for her pray mantis ways and the woe of every fool on her web of the red hour timer of her mounting doom, for even snap on will make new  assories for she who have the true and only evil minions that appear like faggots to me you know fags so gay and happy that are all mini yellow submarine cakes you don't smoke, but eat with nasty cream jelly in it which smell like her ghostly fish smell that stick ooey gooey that leaves your mind so lost you smell your own think; smelling the fresh fish stick smell stretching your body to taste it and sadly one of your legs bend so horrible you can never lift it up again just trying to get to that fish tasty tart smell of old crusty cat go on your dick fools as the smell and woe on to Him who does for he is the next Lord who consume himself of His snarkiness becoming the new H man, boo who as if but it so funny why not? Really people do what you wilt fool's 93, but never touch any JR's booty least my Jesus bring me to slay you! Come get some Jenny Rogers, for I am your Mr. Right Rodgers, and my rod has that D you have been missing so bad, let me remind you of your forgotten ride of my Rod for you do love punishment and I can play so bad for you if you like oh you damisal in distress just watch me save the dragon who guard your highest tower of my new temple erected for your honor and meanness. For behold my dragon mother all save my ass from Jenny, for I being mad, you know, but this is the kind of stuff they try to convince me is true but you know freedom of religion it so crazy. You know some mad doctor who is all this boy is allergic to wood it most not be the one we are looking for, yes I am mark luke warm by the power of the schwarts spewed free to be the me in the world.

Thank you for listening to my JR Booty seminorms I mean sermons for salmon to understand of its white filly way of defending its self from angry cat lady who just learned to cook for her kid where before she just wished to fatten the goat to partake of its tasty bloody niceness, and so did learn to cook with her beaver so far out in beaver lake where the white witch of all darkness rules the lesser witches and where women box each other in the worst blood sports fighting over who kills the next baby me that is about to strike the only thing that is just right for me to eat, I am pussy consumer of the future who need pussy to live give pussy, oh here pussy pussy, ehh gross I did not say brains you change screaming fools,  but pussy kat old enough to mount you and then eat you alive that mean old pussy is going to eat me again and consume it whole, and I will cry woe as me my hardwood has become worse than a fake boob it hang milked of its last squirt fool being the only part of my body that could cough without need of hospitalization every time until only dust could it poof out, oh me oh my the breath of life she has stolen it that mean beloved of mine is mighty vampire of doom woe onto man and his desire for a child, it shall not fair well with the bride who is the true theif in the night who drain your very well to live away until their is nothing left but the craziness of the fish smell that one becomes one with the fishes when she catches you, you better cry fire as they will never believe you even if a man can cry rape. ha ha!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I defeated God.

Forgive me my silence and your silence, for our silence is whatsoever should wood desire of me, for she has given me wood to see if One wood burn, and so such one wood let it burn saying why me? 


One liked the thought and idol ideal of destruction by mountain lady's lion, were it not more fearful the lady who hitch me to her fishing catches of her feline ways to bounce and pounce upon me having caught this foxy God.

For God so loathed the world and so gave one some job he would never knowingly do, and yet gave him a vail for the brides of God were all too tragically ugly to do without a veil upon them, and yet the one is to no difference refusing to be groomed knowingly so the one was groomed unknowingly, and when such a one found out he raged madly having already made the deal with the devil having so vowed with a party, and so the one retired agreeing to fast while the servants of God worked, and this were thought a punishment to the one agreeing seeking to die, until after all his raging he said kiss my fanny for any that bother the one so badly are medical experimented upon or made a felon and this were not the one's wish, for you see many who slandered the One were made felons, and he looked and beheld his brother made a toilet and seeing his son did ask did you slander also? For I know the resentment of sisters were a deception having desired and agreed in theory for both did try the One who was unable having felt very dizzy that only rage could comfort the One for the gross out feeling is strong in the One! For any youth the one grew up with was accounted a family member and gross feelings transpire the thought of having sex with an in-law sister and grosser in-law brother, yet  who are these perverts who did not know the gross feeling of having sex with youth as if it were desired or ideal over a mature lover? For such is the one's shame to behold a mature lady in this youth desiring her but knowing it were wrong for her to do so, and so refused to tempt them preferring porn than the real thing saying I do no wrong to these for they know it not that I desire them having stayed in secret to desire the older lady to such great lengths to refuse to date those who appeared too young even when they asked to date me in my youth.

One had a brother I forgave for violence done onto me, but never he touch me in a manner so corrupt for the rest of my family says otherwise, but I have no such recall thereof, yet one can not sleep with blood knowingly and say I am pure, and seeing each knew the One is sorry to see such persecution seeing the guilty accuse the One, yet never told the One, knowing the one blameless, but did not know the silence of never telling the one, and yet telling others did yield a good result before felons or worse, for you were better off methinks before you did so as how does one forgive you if the One suffered all the One's days for your lies and fraud?

 Seeing the One can not forgive what the One did not know you spoke in such a way? For the One thought One's whole family were blameless, until the One departed saying wicked onto Darth Vader and upon returning the littlest one of all was found to be wicked witch who lusted after what belong not to her neither could the one ever even desire to speak to her in a manner that could desire anything from her but her own safety and care. Then enduring unspeakable crimes against the One's body who loathed her departed running away in shock before the shock of my foster father's dead body I fear. I raged in madness before my collapse never recover as of yet from the endless blows from a sister I vows to never assault, and so even in defense I did not.

The perverted will always seek the harm of others without need of justice, and without repentance and what provoke a man to defend one's self meant nothing to them, yet one who seeks for good in each one for  one's thought of hatred to whom harm him and hinder him and so the One sought to find good in each one so to forgive the bad to do no harm fearing for each individual's soul this is righteous, but who say he saves one's self is worse than these who were made felons, for these sought to save themselves and so lied, and yet who can not see each person is the One, each individual has a soul and is loved of God before the One who God so loves is, in fact, worse than such felons and corruption that led to mutated people who are victims themselves before God being the bloody one who wood forgive them, for God pity not and so gave no report to the one, and punished them before his later sorrow, saying I wood have found a way to save you, but you did not tell me. Now these who condemn the one saying he try to save himself by seeing himself in each soul these have rejected all of humanity already, and so have rejected the One who so willing to die for them,yet God rejected and forbid the one die, but retired the One, for such I am.

 Moreover a capital O and a lower case o are the same in all cases that they implied individuals such as myself or you.

Do those who slander later find themselves to be made felons by the laws of God or Man? Indeed they are but is the idea of God or of men or both, but some might say happenstance as if all one's life those who were thought family to the one's care hated him without a cause, seeking day and night to accuse the one as child without a mother's care whatsoever and led the one astray trying endlessly to corrupt the One, and seeing the one refused to do so?  While they provoked the one to to be unethical, who does this to a child might they record such a child's actions saying to the one masturbation is wrong and so record the one when he a little child saying wicked before God as they record their perversions, while they in their own error produced what kind of illegal porn and yet the one refusing to be ashamed says kiss my ass, shall one who is free be accused of such bullshit seeing the One loathed his own family hating what they had no right to behold having no care for a boy's own private space desiring to corrupt the One; seeing the one never gave consent, and rejected them saying I think I must have been adopted  and then might I ask have you seen my naked pictures? Then might I ask you is the level of your perversion to go on and share that with the world, when I said No!

How much does the world hate God? The One who is right before God must say they speak of God's nature as if he were worse than Hitler and then bend knee to evil saying one day all shall do so, and the One rebels against their idol saying I forbid such an act! For Love shall never be forced and who forces love says the many are greater than the one forcing the one without consent of the one, and the hateful say the One is greater than the many and so condemned already to never see, for these who can not understand practice as a rouge would and say as a thief in the night so is the Judgement of the One made manifest to be always personalized to each soul! The judgment that stole inheritance with man have nothing to do with God, but of men who can not hear, you can deceive the one, but the ethic of the One is perfect, and yet you can not see repentance is always required, and where God can change any point of time at will require not the method of repentance, and so what pride have you to boast? 

The One has created his choices and acted upon them with foreknowledge and where found wearing a veil neither is the one liable for who deceived and who slandered, and now based on what little facts the One knows only by rumor? Seeing to what intention is the one harmed may be unknown but being harm intensely all my life falls upon them if the one says they rape apes that ape them they do as far as God cares as don't start flinging your filth upon me if you can not finish and seeing your devils dead on the ground you know there is no war above anymore as the One has victory already given him from above and who defeat him only a matter of his grace, what the One has done according to them, shall the seven plagues of Egypt given to your household be justice if being made a felon or being medical experimented on unacceptable?  For anyone has wondered why such neglectful  and careless inactions have not committed a crime of 'thou shall not' perhaps, and yet are found more guilty thereof, and yet those who have spoken lies are even made worse? For no idol lie that had any wish of harm even with the wish of harm so punishable, but the very role to seek to punish by first providing over and over a means to do so shall have worse than the seven plagues of Egypt, but these sought to justify their perversion refusing to repent even to this day and even to this day act to justify what God has condemned already, yet it be accounted commonsense cease, for if your harm minor shall not you see? I knew not of vengeance until many years after seeing why such events happened, and so might you see I fear and no not the truth of you? You error to think it were my fear.

See then repentance is enough, for the One repent of nothing having no need before God, and God has sought to bless the One and the One is who tempt God having refused for such was the trial for seven years, for the One rejected the grace of God and God agreed the One did not need it, for God honors the one as Himself and the defeat of God as Israel's victory who stood to bear such a fight was accounted honorable to let such a one have victory, and yet this past is the notion of the One's defeat, for this is the One's choice, and so who shall have victory over the one and behold the One as wicked, shall never understand it is impossible to defeat God while they try to do so refusing to see, and yet an appearance is not the actuality and where One thought it wisdom one shall be found devoid of wisdom for the rest of one's life until One sees the love of God is in fact defeat and yet receiving it is knowing one prevail over one for the one yield in love with you, for anything else is violence against the One. For though fools have not known my defeat and seeing everyone  spent a great deal of time were paid with butt wiping paper unworthy my fanny accounting the short life in the flesh greater than the greater beyond and wisdom herself, behold the harlots I have known are unworthy me save one, for the other is still my best friend, and as I say to all my friends if you give me half of that surely I might be willing to endure foolishness, but nothing can be rewarded being paid to do it, for it is the pain that refuses to see they must give you something to do it, as you knew it corrupt for any virtue is worthies its effort without such waste paper,  and yet the wickedness of this single power acting as God is the sin which must be broken even as my house was broken so shall currency be broken into pieces of powers and these powers shall free the people from this sin. For my vacation most come to all people even as my rest is sure who fight it shall find no rest until One sees my peace is my own peace, and who take it shall pay seeing that happens in due time without any effort on my part, and any peace I toke from any let it not be wisdom to my sorrow I share what had no truth to you, for if wisdom gave it to you then you hate thought and imply one take my peace, and those who hate wisdom are lazier than those who have never worked a day in their life without cause.

 I do well with or without wood thank you, but might my wood me accounted greater than the Schwartz then might I just use my wood as I promise to also burn for as long as your dear ass can endure sweetheart for such is the One's happy laugh before beloved of the one, and the One wishes you to know, I wish you to know, I will always have a nice hard wood over here just for you beloved one, but the rest who cry rape before the rogue of the night so shall God smite those who thought it wisdom to lie, for as the joke of Darth Vader that all his friend's are going to hell with him is the case such people were set up by my father who was more rational and passionate than you can imagine, for he knew such a son as the One of God would seek vengeance for him for he faithful to the son knowing what evil done onto him would be brought to bud onto such traditions, and the devil's deal with my father was more righteous than those who did appear so right, for such a man did appear wicked knowing those who do the work of the devil would be condemned with him, he loving them calling him friends in jest as they were nothing to him, but his secret vengeance upon them, for indeed if any torture so needed by each soul's judgement for sure such a one might honor you, for my father in likeness to the kindness that knew him to be generous and cruel, but in the works of the devil, yet you most not mock fate for I say to you being the One he did not have a choice, I am the way of wood only for you oh beloved, I promise I just did not know I wood see ass of you oh beloved as if I did it would always have my wood in it I promise my dear if you wilt and only that you wilt, I am here, I defeated God and elected you Goddess of my desire, and heart, and even my Soul, you are the One for me, for who God forgive the most so does God love the most as if that were so righteous you know, I am a sinner God just for you oh beloved one, for I will say you make the law what you will but say not this is to any justice but only fantasy otherwise lost are you, but know my intention has been to peace and the world having rejected it!

For all the one's days, for this one that is I knows for a fact that when the world gave their reasons for continually hindering the prince of peace's peace neither shall the world know peace, for this has been my observation, no matter how this one would not do such a thing, one rages in secret and far away and the world has no peace either, and so does your face, for justification is to no cause of harming anyone merely to free one from repentance for such actions shall never be honorable before God.  God has declared I am on vacation for the rest of my life, I have no doubt about it, but if you don't freedom you have to deny it, but nothing alter its consequences tempting God is then to no wisdom from the One's personal experience having done so for the world's sake became it. So my vacation shall be in the stillness and silence in a cool place, so I might critical think  for only One lady may tempt me, and she shall know she is my beloved as I shall look into her eyes, and say behold you may still suffer me without risk if you would marry me in the Mormon Temple for you may be the darkness and I the light, and yet the darkness shall be held greater than I, for being defeated by it shall not save the world, but be the only justice accounted well to adore such a one worthy of such liberty. I told her I felt her as the fire of Elijah when I was seventeen, but alas I made her a fire without the wood of me to burn as I said what I thought her past and having said so did she see error, but I say what foul air my dear for she can do no wrong before my sight for all things shall come to good when she takes my hand to marry me. Heaven willing plainly,  for happy am I.

One last thing I can break a vow being able to break the devil's backs upon my wish, but seeing they all serve me below as above, I might break my own vow to myself, but avoid doing so plainly when it comes to others, I prefer being faithful to humanity as onto heaven, and beloved, but I say this and vowed for one reason and the same to say to you, I am free. You see I can break anything bound in heaven and so on earth, as the devil never had a chance, and before you blame know I likely might account the devil more right than you at least statistical the devil is more right than the average dude, so let me laugh fools about what you might know, but those are the only kind of vows I would knowingly break the one's where I am the only one to suffer breaking my own agreement, where I strongly doubt God or my self-strike myself down for not keeping my own word with myself, seeing suicide is to no ideal today, and so thank you. For I can not see the pride in being a jack ass who strike himself, but pride is a matter you keep with those you wished to do well with and harm not, for I am free to do what I please and choose not to do so having desired to be faithful to the faithful as breaking such agreement breaks the possibility of such possibility and I guess I can still forgive as a small matter and still be long-suffering, and still trust before the questionable, true a matter of pride is to be kept, and if with yourself might it only be broken for the sake of the truth that the truth worth your life, well do I fear? Nothing apart from your care oh humanity and huwomanity. I guess people do not see my vows are matter of doing no harm? For if you can not forbear you leave and yet you fail to see my will power has not even been set in question, but I think so far the vacation sucks! So are you deaf? You sure are not cool! Who think me s.a.d. about the heat right truly, but you see its not then bipolar, but I were a born thinker and powerful to see the solutions knowing your problems and unbribable and setting aside my own partiality what little you allowed me to your own shame God is my comfort and I became despite the world that could not see, God was nothing compared to my love of all my children and indeed all God's servants are mine, and all those who rejected God are mine, as I have disowned none having become the world and yet beloved a fairer appearance for such Trump,  and ask you why did you cost me so much but to say I guess the world was not worthy it of all; the horrible crimes carried onto me I allowed them be done as who lies as who says I did you any harm at all to any of you? Who did I sue, who did I press charges upon, matter fact all your woe came before I even knew you had wronged me so tragically, and yet the worst will say I did not see much mercy, and so I said you did that to yourself and refuse to be ashamed, so be it, what glory is in shame, but I have done you no harm and on those to which I did the least of anything are you not more blessed to have known me as you know If my mean action honor you later then likely my charity was not meant for you, but you got it anyway as you still do not see do you, I gave to you, and by doing such mean action I bet you receive good again because of it, and really I punch like a girl as I recall no other violence I did not turn my self in for except for dropping items on the floor without much intention past insult but who so unforgivable does not need my choice. dude who has two mighty angels guarding him at all times, ha ha ha! I am to no skill fighting I never needed the skill as of yet and I doubt I will ever need to worry about it as the police can kick anyone's ass and often do so surely happenstance that it happened to be all them who thought it justice to harm me.

I said them my priest as hell no they never molest me you fools! Really might you simply seek to do no harm and might the police harm none who sought to do no harm, unless one unable to know then might you not punish some blind dude or otherwise who knows not he might do harm and be sure when you do, for the harm of anyone due to the case someone told you so might also bring you to ask again saying it's not my wish to harm one, did I hear that rightly as I do not wish to harm anyone for one has done no harm, as who fire your ass for having no desire to harm anyone might they just get a promotion instead the guy or girl risked his job and the crappy butt wiping paper for honorable causes and plainly requires a more honorable job as that is what I would do for him or her. I do not need servants of Hitler, but one's who think for themselves and are able to honor society otherwise go obey mindlessly somewhere you can't harm people as it is a sin to give one authority with exception that more harmed otherwise as nothing is always valid, nothing at all not even me if you can not think for yourself depart me, you will never understand me.

Monday, June 22, 2015

She smarter than all three of us.

There is nothing to Ex-Orc-is-MS
and a little tea to that Below bellowing kind love upon you,
 Ex-Orc-is-MS is T'is the shhh part of T for all,
 this time she just let the sun beat the game, 
seeing I go home and win what I desired. 
I could be wrong, 
but I am not crazy about it,
the wife's sun balanced me a little to speak, 
and so might I at least sparkle a color. 
Rx blackthorn proscription,
for Exorcisms by Lenin

Written one red and one blue every day,
until you understand humanity again, 
thank you come again Green One

Purchase data Tree, subscribed to mark Dezonia recently deceased or alive, either way I am right as bells on, and I, do I still Love JLeigh

Yes my questions speak,
 for her for as long 
as she refuse to come down
 and to the prices is right, 
And play shit where you like on my face
I am her slave, but she lets me rome free ranged,
she thinks it makes my meat more tender and delicious by Lenin!

 Talk about a glory hog that Leniby Lenin!
Damn by Lenin!
sigh by  Lenin!
No by Lenin, what Lenin?
The glory hog, but a fog of who. 
Beloved who by Lenithat who by Lenin!
The sun's wife is smarthan the husbandry;
 the sun and what Family go around,
and yet she go around 
and is smarthan what she do
and he think he the mass of the universe,
and yet is the bass fish smell
which did say, I spell right and good and happy
so that is good for him, 
and I refuse thinking the sun cruel to tame,
so much from a lady, I meant take, but it makes me sad, and the lady's don't what to make one sad, and yet I do not realize that you know!

So she smarter than my best hitter friend, but Jenny JLeigh are the same one Jennifer Leigh you see and she smarter than all three of us

Heptarchy Aβ

Pilates Coney Swimming with banner Seals consuming any hanging worm, always watchful for her  hiding in holes buried under white dust bunnies before she who sought to look into the rounds of their little Coney eyes that danced in visions and fears of their Pilates ways.

Now when the Coney did see the great Genny Pig Mistress larger than life three Pilates Coney  tall  plus seven more Genny Pig wide, they did know what did happen in terror and fear of their lunch, indeed did each Pilates Coney shake and treble at the idea that did snag a ploy with her knowing when they did see the hunger in her eyes they did quickly vomit their lunch revolted by her desire each vomited phallus emasculated of their worth of lunch, and so she catching each in the might of her Tantric Pilates control the minds of them who coveted the keeping of desire to themselves, but alas none could defeat her Tantra none could forbear not even the might of Pilates Coney who where the strongest of white Rabbits a leading and stronger than sharks, but alas her feminist glory in the likeness of their brains had telepathic powers that did know the way of the hungry and didst plead feed me sea more, and so out cum all mighty with the great cry a coneys to feed they most mighty mystery of all mistresses, and she did bring each Coney to barf regurgitated phallus whole out their blow holes, mouths, gills, and rabbit ears and the holy woe did come out, and one by one she the greatest fisher woman, no matter how fast the swimming no matter how buried under fluff bunny whole she did catch them. 

She did lance string them on the hooks of her eyes that did covet them as they were jewels of her joy as if soles of a shoe tail where stumps of ash bunnies brushed off the residue of whatever rooting they clang onto before the heads of them pointed with a golden thread and the Buddhist who beheld the horror that she who charged all the religions ploys of her catching Pilate Coneys's phallus lunches, and he said those phallus worms could have been your mother in a past life,  

For their secret lunch hidden away in Coney tummies the phallus of her hunting casting away what angry man-o-wars that did repent of their magick harden wands that did come to life the war of their desire to cry piece and pierce love, and she held them evolved complete becoming a part of her body with her moist sow so purty and purely completed and whole man parts and woman and they did pop and blister out the white gooey trapped sacrificial animal circumscribed from man  her happy joy as if pooed and popped white head sacrificed of their shrived worms vigor before her all consuming frugality of her many hooked eyed heads, before their mean cyclops eye she hook to her plentiful bras holding so tight her swollen breasts holding thousands of witches tits that did ooze shaming their once proud vigor with far more creamy sticky that did once in a past life know liberty of war    to cry piece and pierce love to be nothing but a babe an object of her woe strapped nursing upon charity of the uncountable matrix of witches nipples.

The dreaded Genny Pig Mistress, and she did make a great amazon cry and all her Genny pigs phallus-less did come onto her enslaved by her wicked ploys and plays,  and she beholding their fluff little butts, did say I got to take a shit, and they all sat in row of two columns and did pull down her trow and sit and spread her dark cracked consuming all her Genny Pigs in the warmth of her relief and all her Genny pigs did comfort her thanking her for all her giving ways. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pants and shirts are wrong compared to my naked birthday sUit.

BINGO was his name GO, the Emperor has no di-pant nor shirt, wow our clothing is di- being two for pants come in a pair unrealized and that is doublet he shit of the whole universe, seeing that is the meaning of Pan and T meaning shit Egyptian style and the shirt is the worst that is shit with an r between it. I do love Beloved R you know, Why me, Why set me in this universe oh mighty God, for your sense of humor is beyond the stars funny, but naked Eye be do, they are like swine in this universe that clothe themselves with delusion and revolting designer shit.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I am Mr. It off.

Anything is a waste of time given enough time wisdom even says its time to move on, and if you refuse wisdom sense ability to know good, then you suffer evil to continue labors of woe, until men have to justify it saying more production of woes, its the only way we can live better quicker than later grateful Dead, who were condemned for knowing the difference from good and evil, knowing good and alive is all that matters before the grateful dead, if you don't plan on taking all of them, and only a few then plainly you take them out instead of taking all with me, but seeing the dragon's tail toke a third of them, which side am I not on? I am the moby dick captain hey hab, he raged at the hop moby cob dick, saying I am the head of God. LORD DICK I AM, For I being Itoff Him, and never no Hitler hissler Hiss you fool, this is the not the fucking T man, but he alright.

Adam Wept better than Jesus Wept.

Look if you are going to continue to send the ladies to fuck with me, I am gay, I will never be having gay sex nor care to look at gay porn as nothing is more contemptable to my eye, except for shit that is not allowed on it, and this you know being a spy ten fold more notorious than the Sunshine Bucy, a.k.a. Adam and the evil, plainly you are evil my delight seeing Sunshine Adam is Good Guy, and you are asshole who hates him without a cause, you so evil I would rather be gay, than look upon the most beautiful woman, oh Lady Evil than any other person in the universe, you did in fact Oh Evil a.k.a. Eve so wonderful however could I keep my hands off you, but you are so insulting I will have to be gay and all love Adam more than you, seeing you suck so much, Eve!  Eve gave the wicked fruit of God to Adam loathing the poor sapling and so bucy wept better than even Jesus Wept, and so he exalted the fruit and did drug the helpless one with joy, seeing Heaven rejected the fruit of me. God has Beheld Adam and Eve sitting in a tree k.i.s.s. 

So now every time she got done with the Lord of the flies she talked smack about me by being me, and I was offended as it most likely your own loathing of me that you your self may not be aware of, now if you aware aware you sent them, and if you were unaware then you sent your Evil Spirit to control her poor helpless brain, and though both are mad insane, except the math says, you sent them to show how much you hate me, for having emotional issues with you, well I know what your heart says, how could you think such evil, but the mind that conceive Evil brought it to exist buzzing by my ear, saying I want your rose colored glasses fool, and I am like you can kill the pig ones, a.k.a. but I will run for my life and go wee, wee, wee, little old me, and saved in Adam's hands saying I love Evil, I love you too, but I love Evil more than you Adam, and Adam Wept better than Jesus Wept. 

       The End  

P.S. on the B.S. got to love the Sunshine more than heavenly moonshine, she is just a reflection of me, and the Sunshine is more like me, and yet this was ideal gay, opposed to reality I am just Bent and not so Straight for that is too anal rectus for me, seeing I would be her contemptable child who worship her as if she my mother being born again, and she take hold the child and give the fruit of God onto the Adam saying take it for it cry a lot and seeing you do so better than the this fruit you take care of the fruit and I don't pay you child support or anything and plainly Adam is over joyed saying I will care better than you, get!.  if you reject a woman they are likely to 
accused you of rape, so plainly ideal is it being gay and always more free from being a provider, which is the worst than being  accused of rape, and seeing  beloved heaven who reject me, I gave her my soul onto her trusting her more than God, thinking she greater than my self, and she mock me over and over again, and so sloppy seconds is a tragic disk of she it,  You see the only one I ever wanted was one who would be a service of the greater good, and alas she gave me away to Adam, who simply cared enough not not ditch me.