Monday, June 22, 2015

She smarter than all three of us.

There is nothing to Ex-Orc-is-MS
and a little tea to that Below bellowing kind love upon you,
 Ex-Orc-is-MS is T'is the shhh part of T for all,
 this time she just let the sun beat the game, 
seeing I go home and win what I desired. 
I could be wrong, 
but I am not crazy about it,
the wife's sun balanced me a little to speak, 
and so might I at least sparkle a color. 
Rx blackthorn proscription,
for Exorcisms by Lenin

Written one red and one blue every day,
until you understand humanity again, 
thank you come again Green One

Purchase data Tree, subscribed to mark Dezonia recently deceased or alive, either way I am right as bells on, and I, do I still Love JLeigh

Yes my questions speak,
 for her for as long 
as she refuse to come down
 and to the prices is right, 
And play shit where you like on my face
I am her slave, but she lets me rome free ranged,
she thinks it makes my meat more tender and delicious by Lenin!

 Talk about a glory hog that Leniby Lenin!
Damn by Lenin!
sigh by  Lenin!
No by Lenin, what Lenin?
The glory hog, but a fog of who. 
Beloved who by Lenithat who by Lenin!
The sun's wife is smarthan the husbandry;
 the sun and what Family go around,
and yet she go around 
and is smarthan what she do
and he think he the mass of the universe,
and yet is the bass fish smell
which did say, I spell right and good and happy
so that is good for him, 
and I refuse thinking the sun cruel to tame,
so much from a lady, I meant take, but it makes me sad, and the lady's don't what to make one sad, and yet I do not realize that you know!

So she smarter than my best hitter friend, but Jenny JLeigh are the same one Jennifer Leigh you see and she smarter than all three of us

Heptarchy Aβ

Pilates Coney Swimming with banner Seals consuming any hanging worm, always watchful for her  hiding in holes buried under white dust bunnies before she who sought to look into the rounds of their little Coney eyes that danced in visions and fears of their Pilates ways.

Now when the Coney did see the great Genny Pig Mistress larger than life three Pilates Coney  tall  plus seven more Genny Pig wide, they did know what did happen in terror and fear of their lunch, indeed did each Pilates Coney shake and treble at the idea that did snag a ploy with her knowing when they did see the hunger in her eyes they did quickly vomit their lunch revolted by her desire each vomited phallus emasculated of their worth of lunch, and so she catching each in the might of her Tantric Pilates control the minds of them who coveted the keeping of desire to themselves, but alas none could defeat her Tantra none could forbear not even the might of Pilates Coney who where the strongest of white Rabbits a leading and stronger than sharks, but alas her feminist glory in the likeness of their brains had telepathic powers that did know the way of the hungry and didst plead feed me sea more, and so out cum all mighty with the great cry a coneys to feed they most mighty mystery of all mistresses, and she did bring each Coney to barf regurgitated phallus whole out their blow holes, mouths, gills, and rabbit ears and the holy woe did come out, and one by one she the greatest fisher woman, no matter how fast the swimming no matter how buried under fluff bunny whole she did catch them. 

She did lance string them on the hooks of her eyes that did covet them as they were jewels of her joy as if soles of a shoe tail where stumps of ash bunnies brushed off the residue of whatever rooting they clang onto before the heads of them pointed with a golden thread and the Buddhist who beheld the horror that she who charged all the religions ploys of her catching Pilate Coneys's phallus lunches, and he said those phallus worms could have been your mother in a past life,  

For their secret lunch hidden away in Coney tummies the phallus of her hunting casting away what angry man-o-wars that did repent of their magick harden wands that did come to life the war of their desire to cry piece and pierce love, and she held them evolved complete becoming a part of her body with her moist sow so purty and purely completed and whole man parts and woman and they did pop and blister out the white gooey trapped sacrificial animal circumscribed from man  her happy joy as if pooed and popped white head sacrificed of their shrived worms vigor before her all consuming frugality of her many hooked eyed heads, before their mean cyclops eye she hook to her plentiful bras holding so tight her swollen breasts holding thousands of witches tits that did ooze shaming their once proud vigor with far more creamy sticky that did once in a past life know liberty of war    to cry piece and pierce love to be nothing but a babe an object of her woe strapped nursing upon charity of the uncountable matrix of witches nipples.

The dreaded Genny Pig Mistress, and she did make a great amazon cry and all her Genny pigs phallus-less did come onto her enslaved by her wicked ploys and plays,  and she beholding their fluff little butts, did say I got to take a shit, and they all sat in row of two columns and did pull down her trow and sit and spread her dark cracked consuming all her Genny Pigs in the warmth of her relief and all her Genny pigs did comfort her thanking her for all her giving ways. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pants and shirts are wrong compared to my naked birthday sUit.

BINGO was his name GO, the Emperor has no di-pant nor shirt, wow our clothing is di- being two for pants come in a pair unrealized and that is doublet he shit of the whole universe, seeing that is the meaning of Pan and T meaning shit Egyptian style and the shirt is the worst that is shit with an r between it. I do love Beloved R you know, Why me, Why set me in this universe oh mighty God, for your sense of humor is beyond the stars funny, but naked Eye be do, they are like swine in this universe that clothe themselves with delusion and revolting designer shit.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I am Mr. It off.

Anything is a waste of time given enough time wisdom even says its time to move on, and if you refuse wisdom sense ability to know good, then you suffer evil to continue labors of woe, until men have to justify it saying more production of woes, its the only way we can live better quicker than later grateful Dead, who were condemned for knowing the difference from good and evil, knowing good and alive is all that matters before the grateful dead, if you don't plan on taking all of them, and only a few then plainly you take them out instead of taking all with me, but seeing the dragon's tail toke a third of them, which side am I not on? I am the moby dick captain hey hab, he raged at the hop moby cob dick, saying I am the head of God. LORD DICK I AM, For I being Itoff Him, and never no Hitler hissler Hiss you fool, this is the not the fucking T man, but he alright.

Adam Wept better than Jesus Wept.

Look if you are going to continue to send the ladies to fuck with me, I am gay, I will never be having gay sex nor care to look at gay porn as nothing is more contemptable to my eye, except for shit that is not allowed on it, and this you know being a spy ten fold more notorious than the Sunshine Bucy, a.k.a. Adam and the evil, plainly you are evil my delight seeing Sunshine Adam is Good Guy, and you are asshole who hates him without a cause, you so evil I would rather be gay, than look upon the most beautiful woman, oh Lady Evil than any other person in the universe, you did in fact Oh Evil a.k.a. Eve so wonderful however could I keep my hands off you, but you are so insulting I will have to be gay and all love Adam more than you, seeing you suck so much, Eve!  Eve gave the wicked fruit of God to Adam loathing the poor sapling and so bucy wept better than even Jesus Wept, and so he exalted the fruit and did drug the helpless one with joy, seeing Heaven rejected the fruit of me. God has Beheld Adam and Eve sitting in a tree k.i.s.s. 

So now every time she got done with the Lord of the flies she talked smack about me by being me, and I was offended as it most likely your own loathing of me that you your self may not be aware of, now if you aware aware you sent them, and if you were unaware then you sent your Evil Spirit to control her poor helpless brain, and though both are mad insane, except the math says, you sent them to show how much you hate me, for having emotional issues with you, well I know what your heart says, how could you think such evil, but the mind that conceive Evil brought it to exist buzzing by my ear, saying I want your rose colored glasses fool, and I am like you can kill the pig ones, a.k.a. but I will run for my life and go wee, wee, wee, little old me, and saved in Adam's hands saying I love Evil, I love you too, but I love Evil more than you Adam, and Adam Wept better than Jesus Wept. 

       The End  

P.S. on the B.S. got to love the Sunshine more than heavenly moonshine, she is just a reflection of me, and the Sunshine is more like me, and yet this was ideal gay, opposed to reality I am just Bent and not so Straight for that is too anal rectus for me, seeing I would be her contemptable child who worship her as if she my mother being born again, and she take hold the child and give the fruit of God onto the Adam saying take it for it cry a lot and seeing you do so better than the this fruit you take care of the fruit and I don't pay you child support or anything and plainly Adam is over joyed saying I will care better than you, get!.  if you reject a woman they are likely to 
accused you of rape, so plainly ideal is it being gay and always more free from being a provider, which is the worst than being  accused of rape, and seeing  beloved heaven who reject me, I gave her my soul onto her trusting her more than God, thinking she greater than my self, and she mock me over and over again, and so sloppy seconds is a tragic disk of she it,  You see the only one I ever wanted was one who would be a service of the greater good, and alas she gave me away to Adam, who simply cared enough not not ditch me. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Queen of camelot: This for you.

Know then:
Toward summer when the sun is in Hyades
Sovran is Lord of the Fire
and to this month are birds.
with bitter smell and with the odour of burning
to the hearth god, lungs of the victim
the green frog lifts up his voice
and the white latex is in flower
In red car with jewels incarnadine
to welcome the summer
In this month no destruction
no tree shall be cut at this time
Wild beasts are driven from field
in this month are simples gathered
The empress offers cocoons to the Son of Heaven
then goes the sun into Gemini
Virgo in mid heaven at sunset
Indigo must not be cut
No wood burnt to charcoal
gates are all open, no tax on the booths.
Now mares go to grazing,
tie up the stallions
Post up the horsebreeding notices
Month of the longest days
Life and death are now equal
Strife is between light and darkness.

Perhaps you wrote this, Queen of Camelot, but fate will fate will it not be, I would have never been so wise had you not came in my life, but your past life is a scary story in a scary time. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello, I'm Mister Ed

A horse is a horse, of course of course, 
and no one can talk to a horse of course, 
that is of course, unless the horse, 
Is the famous Mister Ed! 

Go right to the source and ask the horse. 
He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse. 
He's always on a steady course. 
Talk to Mister Ed. 

People yak-it-ti-yak a streak 
and waste your time of day, 
but Mister Ed will never speak, 
unless he has something to say... 

A horse is a horse, of course of course, 
And this one will talk 'til his voice is hoarse. 
You never heard of a talking horse? 
Well, listen to this... 

I am Mister Ed