Saturday, October 3, 2015

So if anyone wondered what kind of music I like well, this and below!

I am going to blow you away!

Faggots I am going to post DNA online to prove I am Autistic,
which means I do not like people due to the case I am Autistic,
You hearing me Lying faggot psychologists God is going to smoke you,
You concealed the case I was Autistic so you going to burn, 
For I am the fire and you going into the frying Pan,
and I am going to post the DNA evidence, 
you lying faggots are going to hell. 
Enjoy bitches! 

The Joy of my Bitch slaps shall be glorious!
I shall take off my Godly glove's and bitch slap you! 
Every psychologist with my holy glove! 
You dirty Apes you have broken the covenant with God,  
and you going to burn,

 Bitches Going to hell, 
As I would not suffer you anything I would not suffer first, 
you dead zombie mother fuckers, 
fuck you and the mother fucker you,
rode upon mother fucker! 
Bitches are getting bitch slapped by the almighty holy white glove of God! 
For such is God's will and my will ONE, 
eat your hearts out faggot bitches!

 You know Einstein and Isaac Newton were both Autistic and Issac Newton invented Calculus when he could not go to university to learn the backwards educational method you still teach to this very day, and because he did not learn your backwards ape ways, the X-man invented Calculus, and what did you bitches say about Einstein, you backwards bitches said he was retarded and unable to even use mathematics for anything, and guess what bitches I am smarter than both of them, you dirty Apes!  

 You should know God was beyond pissed that you murdered my offspring, shame on you baby killers, you make me sick you dirty apes are you selling baby parts you murdered bitches congress will make you pay! You better have a good excuse before the face of God.

You SS Mother fuckers tell the truth!
Social Security tell the truth are you going to break the covenant of God too?
Its called the Constitution, for each nation has the right to form their own government,
and yet the foundation of any nation is their Constitution, you who have established in secret order that opposes the constitutions by laws without the knowledge nor agreement of the people have  committed treason against not only the nation but God himself, I bear witness against thee, just so you know who is accusing you, I AM.

Its not about the  hate backwards apes!
It was not hate that pulled my Almighty God's sword,
but for the love for all that pulled that sword from the rock,

You see I love all that you hated without a cause,
for out of your lazy confusion you would not understand,
all the minorities, and though you rage as if to some justice this is your lazy minds,
which refuse to think and know refusing compassion, for indeed,
 you are lazy fat cows, you made excuses for your ignorance that drives you mad,
saying Justice, but I say lies and slander you have spoken behind my back,
and God has informed me now,
and I am pissed beyond belief you faggot atheist,
and haters of our forefathers vows onto God,
but I thought and thought and understood all people,
you have no excuse for your rage,
for my angry and bitch slaps are joy!
They cut more true than all your blind rage faggots,
for as a bundle of wood I have carried woe the labor of your wicked works,
as the least of all people to redeem what you have condemned!
Alas you shall burn for the offering before God,
and not the woe I carried by the way of your wicked works!

Every nation shall have pomp and shall have scarlet pride,
and shall speak of shame without shame, and grow,
even as each nation has the right to fuck up,
and sing proud songs onto motherland,
for God forgives all,
when nations repent and follow their constitutions,
and bring rights and liberty onto all,
As republic as Constitution to which we all can stand proud,
to honor our enemies and love our friends,
Peace out comrades.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Jenny Leigh Rogers is it is?

I wish to hear the love from those sweet cheeks think what you do I will! For such is my love of her!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Full metal jacket

Œ"The idea behind this war story",
                                                      saith Ain Oz.
Rather simple, I suffer greatly, for your sins; most I die for them too? I being who you suffer.

You see the man who had a great ability to shoot killed himself, despite the ease of which he could kill from a far off distance. The theme of this little flicker shall never happen for now I know you all have suffered me your wicked ways, but I refused to render wickedness for wickedness, and so tendered loving kindness onto those who suffered me, and yet the theme of this stories donut is simple I suffer for your sins and that you blamed me and I suffered for your sins all my days and bared it freely giving love onto all who suffered me, I toke Jesus Christ place before the Eyes of the lord God and so became him before the tears of the Almighty God even as I was foreknown before birth to be God's only begotten autistic child of God for I freely elected to be the least of all people to know their way and I say you have suffered them before God, and have said I were this fault for I am blameworthy only that I freely elected to be worthy only to bare account to the case I were guilty of nothing, but your wicked ways cast upon me as the devil being the accusers of my most rightous appearance onto the face of God to have been elected God of the Aeon, My politics supersede all earthly politics, for I am here to call you to repentance. Where I will eat my donut seeing I hate them and yet seeing I am blameworthy I eat the donut while all you get the punishment form Almighty God.
You see I told you the truth, blaming me for your wicked way, shall only punish everyone, except who you blame.

So listen up slaves, here I am free and on vacation for life, and you shall bare the sins of your wicked ways before my face or repent made brilliant and worthy of God's Almighty praise. AIN OZ.